How to rent a tuxedo in Cancun
What is the process to rent a tuxedo in Cancun

Some Policies for Rentals at Royal Tuxedo

-All Our suits and tuxedos include: jacket, pants, shirt, vest or cummerbund, bow tie or tie, handkerchief and buttons. We do not rent shoes.

-We’ll deliver them the day before your event and return a day after.

-Includes Service adjustments and dry cleaning.

-When you have chosen the model, you can send your measurements to check availability for the day of your event.

-You can come to our store for testing, delivery service is also available and have an extra charge.

-We recommend to reserve with 50% before the day of your event and liquidate at the time of delivery.

-At the time of delivery we would need you to leave us something as a collateral which can be: official identification in original and current together with a proof house or a Boucher in an American Express card or a thousand pesos in cash.


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